What's happening here is rapid

Development is at its full pace.

Developments in Talegaon

Talegaon has evolved from the status of a village to a satellite city!

Recently, Talegaon has acquired the status of a spanking new satellite city. The presence of MIDC, multinational industries, the best of educational institutes and a well-developed infrastructure are just some of the factors contributing to this staggering development.

Only a few years ago, Talegaon was just another village. Known for its tranquil, scenic ambience and pure, salubrious air; it was a veritable weekend getaway and a favourite post retirement abode. But recently, it has experienced a total transformation from its pastoral status to an urban and ultra –modern one. What has brought about this sea change?

The city is growing at a very fast pace as it is home to many multinational companies, agro-based units. It also boasts of thriving poultry belt, largest in Asia in terms of broiler bird's per square mile. As the city is growing, the employment opportunities are being generated thus resulting in increase in population.

Its central position

Ideally situated on Pune-Mumbai highway between Pune and Mumbai, Talegaon is easily accessible through Mumbai –Pune Expressway and NH-4, national highway.

Proposed Ring Road

The proposed Ring Road project would cut down the travel time from Pune to Talegaon, adding to its accessibility.

This has lured multinationals to set up units at Talegaon

Talegaon’s easy accessibility has made a number of multinationals to invest in it. In a recent development, a few multinationals belonging to the medicine and hospitality, infrastructure and Information Technology sector have preferred Talegaon to set up their units here. Daikin-Japan has too has recently chosen Talegaon to set up its unit. Besides, Foxconn, another multinational has finalised Talegaon to establish its first electronics manufacturing facility.

Enhanced employment opportunities

Any rapidly developing industrial area brings along lots of employment opportunities. Talegaon is no exception to this rule. This has made Talegaon a magnet for freshers and experience job seekers wanting to upgrade their career.

Burgeoning real estate sector

Hoards of people are zeroing in on Talegaon as their preferred destination. This has encouraged the realty sector. As a result, Talegaon is now teeming with an array of real estate options for those may be looking for a suitable property.