The Life @ Talegaon

A developing community and cultured living

The Life @ Talegaon

Life in Talegaon is relaxed and stress free as the weather is always lovely.

The city is growing at a very fast pace as it is home to many multinational companies, agro-based units. It also boasts of thriving poultry belt, largest in Asia in terms of broiler bird's per square mile. As the city is growing, the employment opportunities are being generated thus resulting in increase in population.

Cultured Community Living

Life in Talegaon is relaxed and stress free as the weather is always lovely. It doesn’t get very hot in summers and very cold in winters. It has a better climate and weather condition than the very famous Lonavala.

The residents have all the convenience to make their life better. It has all the leading banks, schools, hospitals, colleges, movie theatres, general stores etc. at reach. Also with so much development happening on a fast pace, large number of employment opportunities are being created.

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The Growth Aspect

Talegaon is on the list of builders and developers, as there is so much scope of expansion here. According to the census of 2011, the population of Talegaon is 56,435.

Looking at the growth aspect of this city, it is indeed a very wise decision to invest in residential and commercial property here. Whether you buy a home for yourself or for investment purpose, you can never be at loss. Also investing in commercial shops will also give heavy returns as the need of shops and shopping complex will grow with time.

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Real Estate Development in Talegaon